Surefire Rechargeable 123A Batteries and Charger Kit

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Seize the night with the Surefire Rechargeable 123A Batteries and Charger Kit, your steadfast ally in keeping your tactical light perpetually ready for action. This eco-friendly duo not only powers your luminary companion with efficiency but also stands as a testament to sustainable power, ensuring you're always charged up for whatever shadows you may face.


  • Rechargeable SFLFP123 batteries are cost-effective, reducing the need for single-use 123A lithium primaries.
  • Environmentally conscious, these batteries are free from hazardous heavy metals.


  • Kit includes two Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) 450mAh 3.2V rechargeable cells.
  • Comes with a dual-bay charger for convenient recharging.
  • Provided MICRO-USB to USB-A cable for easy power access.
  • Battery sets available with just the two rechargeable cells (charger not included).
  • Intelligent charging circuitry ensures a full charge and automatic termination.

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UPC 084871329828
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